Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby Duck...OUT!

One of our neighbors was here playing over the weekend and Joe saw that she was carrying a walkie talkie and thought that was a pretty cool idea to have so I can find Hope when she is playing in the neighborhood.

Hope's "handle" is Baby Duck, although she started out using Hopester.  Joe and Hope came up with  my "handle" of Mama D.  We have initially been calling Joe Daddy J, but not sure if that is what we have settled on.

So yesterday Hope carried it around the house and gave me a play by play of everything she was doing and ended everything duck, OUT!  Cracks me up.

I will admit, they are coming in quite handy as we are chatting right now as I type that I am heading down to get her in just a few minutes.

Not much else, so just a few cute Taylor/Hope pictures.  :)  I just can't help myself.

Taylor likes to lay on her back like this on Hope's legs.  So cute.

Hope took Taylor outside the other day in her slippers.  LOL!

Alright, and here a few miscellaneous cards to share too...

I love this of my recent favorites.

The color on this one is a little crazy, so not sure what happened.  Oh well.

Alright, I need to go get Baby Duck.  This is Mama D, over and out!

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