Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Birthday JOE!

Today is Joe's birthday.  We started celebrating earlier this week when his mom came to visit.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for mini pineapple upside down cakes.  They turned out great!  MMMMM!  I will be making this one again someday.

This morning we finally let him open his presents.  :)  Taylor was there helping unwrap them too (see her by Joe's knee).  LOL!

We got him a remote helicopter.

Joe and Hope tried it out inside the house this morning to see how it worked.  They had a lot of fun and nothing got broke (yet).  LOL!

Hope and I worked together to make this custom card just for Joe.  He thought it was actually a large gift card from the apple store.  :)

Alright...and now for more Taylor cuteness!  :)  You were warned...

My two (lucky) charms on St. Patrick's Day.

One night after Hope went to bed Taylor was missing her new bestie and hopped up on her pillow to cuddle. 

Grandma Karen had fun snuggling with Taylor.

And Taylor put Hope to bed one night for us too.  :)

Me and Taylor...oh what a cutie!  I can't get enough of her.  I might have to sneak her into my office tomorrow because I am not sure I can leave her home.  LOL!

Other Spring Break fun...Hope and I made play doh.  

Our neighbor came over to play too.

We went to Incredible Pizza and had fun there too.

...And Taylor had her first play date with the neighbor dog Max.  They had fun and we discovered that Taylor likes chew sticks.  :)

Wow, picture heavy post but we did a lot of stuff on Spring Break.  I wish I could take another week off, but I will have to settle for maybe taking a few days off over the next few months.

In honor of Joe's birthday, here are a few birthday cards to share...

Until next time...


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