Tuesday, March 18, 2014

7 years...

...ago today dad died from lung cancer.  As each year passes it is still hard to believe it has been another year.  So many things I have wanted to talk to him about.  I know he is watching Hope and is getting a kick out of everything she does.  And now our newest member of the family...Taylor.  He would have loved his newest grand puppy!  I am sure she would have bit him on the nose just like Reilly did when he was a puppy.  Makes me giggle thinking of when that happened.  :)

So we drove up to get our puppy Taylor.  She is a mini golden doodle.  We are in LOVE!!!!

Hope and Taylor are best buds already!

She has only had a few accidents the first night and day and since then has been letting us know by walking over to the front door.  We freaked out the first time we figured out what she was trying to tell us.  We laughed and said we have a genius dog!  LOL!

She is getting braver and doing more exploring and she REALLY likes to chew and bite our toes.  OUCH!

She is the perfect addition to our family and I think our house is truly a HOME now.  I can't believe I went that long without a dog.  I am loving it, even taking her outside in the middle of the night when it is snowing (it is March for crying out loud).  Spring can get here anytime.

Luckily, we are on spring break this week, so we are enjoying our time with Taylor and hanging out with Hope.  So far it has been a pretty great week, except Hope came down with Strep throat, so off to the doctor we went for meds.  Taylor had to go to for a general well check and get our schedule for the rest of her shots.

Anyway, here is a mixture of cards on the emotional roller coaster I have been on this week.  Enjoy!

Until next time...


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