Friday, April 11, 2014

Scientific Egg-speriment

Hope LOVES to color eggs every Easter season...

The colors always start out with the light pastel colors until Hope gets experimental with mixing colors.  

Joe just couldn't wait to eat an egg, but Hope was insisting he wait until she was finished.

This year we ended up adding food coloring to the water, which made the eggs a very vibrant color.  

Thankfully, most of the color has faded from her hands, since we have dance pictures tomorrow.  LOL!

Look at those colors!  AWESOME!

The Taylor update...Hope decided she might like to go camping in her doll camper.  

Yep, that is her in the doll camper.  She was not impressed.  LOL!

Oh, they do love playing with each other.

And the morning wake up call...Taylor loves getting in bed with Hope each morning.

And can I tell you how much I love our neighborhood...we had an impromptu backyard party down at a neighbors house.  It was a beautiful night to hang out on the patio and they even cooked us a great meal.  What more could we ask for!  Thanks Deen's!  It was a fun night.

Since it was a beautiful Spring here are some Spring inspired cards.

Have a great night.  I think it is hot tub time!


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