Sunday, December 8, 2013

Who, Who????

We had a night visitor the other night.  Hope ended up in our bed around 3 am and after we got settled in, she asked me if I heard the hooting outside.  I had not heard it so we rolled back over and started to go to sleep.  Then suddenly the hooting got LOUDER!  And that hoot owl was pretty close and just kept hooting and hooting over and over.  Finally Joe got up to see if he could scare it away so we could sleep in peace.  Well, he was successful, he scared it right off our back deck.  He watch the shape fly off into the neighbor's trees and then the hooting was much softer from there.  YEAH!

We haven't heard from the owl since.

Today it snowed!  Hope couldn't wait to get out and play in the snow.  This trip down our back yard was the first round just after it had started snowing, so the ground was barely covered.

This was the second round with more snow on the ground.

And the third round...Joe and I watched her sledding in the comfort of the warm hot tub!

Chippy the elf has found some great new places to hide...

He has started to do a few silly things, but I am pretty sure he is NOT going to do anything naughty.  We have an ornery kid, we don't need an ornery elf too.  LOL!

Well, it is time to get to are a few more Christmas cards to share.

Stay warm!  Goodnight!


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