Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many days???

I know time is getting short between now and Christmas, so I better get busy sharing more of my Christmas cards I created this year.

Not much else going on in the Weber house this week, so keeping it short!  Enjoy the heatwave tomorrow...40's!  LOL!  Temperatures are all relative depending on the time of year.  :)

This card was made using the same image as a card I shared last post, but I had used more of that paper, so I had to get creative on the rest of the card.  Still Super Easy!!!

This one was all from the printed papers.  I just added a few gems and stamped a sentiment.

This was the other half of the above card (you can see where the holly leaves were cut).  This one I didn't even add a stamped sentiment.  I only added some colored glitter glue.  DONE!

Due to the great graphics in these papers, the card below looks like it has multiple layers, but it is all printed paper (one layer).  I just added a stamped sentiment.

Here is version two.

This card is similar to one I shared last time too.  I just trimmed the paper vertical for this card.

The next two cards were the top of a 12x12 printed paper.  I just cut it in half and created a card with each half.

For the next two cards, I used a transparency from my stash (it has been there a few years).  I trimmed it in half and used each half on a card.  

All I had to do was add a bow and stamped a sentiment.

Tired of Christmas cards yet...here are a few more.

One easy way to add some sparkle to a card, without adding bulk is by using glitter paper.

Glitter paper is also great because you don't end up with glitter everywhere!

And talk about using old stuff from my stash...I am pretty sure I have had this sticker for at least 5-7 years.  LOL!  I guess I thought it was about time to use it.

Ok, now I am done.  We will catch up with Chippy the elf next time.  Have a good night!


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