Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Is That You Santa Claus????

Hope already started tracking Santa on the internet.  Around 4:30, he was in Hungary, Budapest and was headed to Slovakia.

Tonight is Chippy's last night with us until next year.  I guess we will find out just how naughty or nice Hope has been.  LOL!

I guess he thought Hope had been eating too many cookies, so he sat on top of her cookie container.  

And here is his final spot.  He is sticking his head through the HOPE ornament on the tree.

Safe travels back to the North Pole and we will see you on December 1, 2014.

On Saturday, Hope and I went to the DM Playhouse for the production of Peter Pan.  It was really cute.

Our friend Noah Hackbart was in it.  He played one of the kids and even got to fly.  He did an awesome job and can't wait to see more plays.

After the show, Hope and I finally put together a Christmas fairy garden.  

We went to church on Saturday night since it was supposed to snow on Sunday.  When we woke up Sunday morning we had 6 inches of snow.  We were supposed to have gone to my sister Debbie's house for the Werts family Christmas, but the weather had been worse in the south and the Walker's were not able to make.  So we postponed it to next weekend.  Can't wait to see everyone.

So we spent some time outside enjoying the snow.  Hope even tried standing up like she was on a snowboard.  Maybe she can add that to her list for next year.  :)

For her third trip outside, she played in the snow while Joe and I enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub.  No better way to enjoy the cold weather.

Here is an update to our tree.  We have several presents under the tree now.  We will probably let Hope open the ones she got from the gang at Duck Dynasty.  LOL!  She will be surprised when she finds out we wrapped up toys from her own toy room like we did last year.  HAHAHAHA!

This is a pictures of Joe's dashboard of his card this morning.  BRRRRRR!  That isn't even considering the wind chill.

So to warm things up, we baked cookies for Santa.

And now we will top off our Christmas Eve with services at church tonight.  I love the candlelit ending singing Silent Night.

Here are a few more Christmas cards, but I think you will get to see a few others after Christmas.  Oh well.

Have a warm and Safe Christmas and I will be back next time to share our Christmas morning celebration!!!

Merry Christmas


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