Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Miracle!

Well, today started out great because I got a text at 5:30 this morning telling me school was delayed due to icy road conditions.  You know what that means, Hope and I slept in for 2 more hours!!!!!  Oh yeah!

So I had a short day at work since I had volunteered to help with the school Winter party in Hope's classroom.  My activity was to make a snowman bookmark.  Here is Hope's finished project.

The snack was a snowman made out of marshmallows and they got to decorate them.  It was cute and apparently yummy too.  :)  They also got to make reindeer food to sprinkle out in the yard on Christmas eve and played a snowball (marshmallows) toss.  I think they all had fun!  I am NOT sure the janitors will have fun cleaning up the glitter that was spilled from the reindeer food activity.  Oooops!

After school we picked up Anna (our neighbor from our old neighborhood) and we went to the mall to visit Santa.  

This is when the Christmas miracle occurred.  You see, it seems every year we arrive at the mall just in time for Santa to be on break and end up waiting hours just to see him.  We made it just in time.  The line was not long at all and we only waited about 15 minutes.  I noticed after the girls finished riding the train that Santa had gone on his break.  WOW!  Did we luck out!  

After the mall we came back to our place for some popcorn and a movie.  I thought it was cute both of them sitting in the same chair.  LOL!

Now, let's see what Chippy has been up to since our last update...

Before Hope went to bed, she left a tiny stuffed elephant at the feet of Chippy that she wanted to have fixed by Santa.  I am sure it will be returned on Christmas eve.

Hope had troubles finding Chippy this morning in her stuffed animal basket.  Hehehe!

Well, I guess we will wrap things up with some more Christmas cards.

Stay warm and safe!


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