Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Firetruck!

We forgot that today was the day firetruck Santa comes around the neighborhood.  I was napping on the couch when we heard the lead truck make the announcement in our driveway, so we jumped up and got some coats on to track Santa down!

Luckily, the guy saw us coming and they were happily waiting for us at the end of the block.  We picked up our neighbor Will and headed toward Santa.

I am so glad we still live in the same city as before so we can still have this tradition.  So fun!

Santa even had treats for the furry kids too, so maybe next year our puppy will get a treat from Santa too.  Oh I can't wait to have a furry kid again.  We are hoping for Spring time.  :)

As you can see we still have some snow on the ground.  Hope and another neighbor Ashley went sledding in our yard last week.

They had a lot of fun, but got cold so...

...they had hot chocolate on the back patio.  They wanted the heater turned on, but I didn't go that far. LOL!

Moving on to Chippy updates...which are not in order.

The location below was where we found him this morning, so Hope moved all her dolls into the laundry room to play.

Look!  We even have presents under the tree early this year.  :)

I guess he had a long trip back or partied too hard the night before.  HeeHee!

This one kind of creeped me out and nearly scared me when I saw him.  LOL!

I added some details to a layout I had previously shared.  Here is the original...

And here is the updated version.  I had noticed I didn't have any journaling and the background needed more definition.  So below, I added a border around the background and added some journaling too.  The title pops more too, as it just blended in before.  I just simply traced around the letter stickers with a very thin journaling pen.

Well, I will wrap up this post with some more Christmas cards.  These were SUPER easy cards I made from scraps of the above layout.

The next few cards were simply designs from the pattern paper.  You can't tell in the photo, but I added glitter glue to various parts of the image for an extra pop.  I stamped a sentiment and the card was done.  

The card below also very simple, just added a leftover bit of doily and done.

This one just needed a sentiment and a few gems.  

I have several more cards left from these papers, so will share those next time.  Off to get ready for church.  It is the children's program tonight.  Joe is running the camera and they had rehearsal this morning.  He said it is good.  Can't wait.

Have a good night!


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