Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We've been One Up'ed

It is hummingbird season, and this weekend we put out some feeders at our new house.  They didn't have any troubles finding us.  :)

HOWEVER...Grandma Deloris somehow managed to capture six hummingbirds at her feeders (at the same time).  Do you see them all?

Well, we had a busy weekend...so here is the condensed version.

I took Hope, mom and the twins to the farmer's market.  Hope had a snowcone for breakfast, mom and I had Dutch Letters, Annie had a cinnamon roll and Ally had a rice krispy bar.  Healthy, right?  LOL!  Maybe that is why I don't make it down there very often.

There wasn't even a line for the balloon animal guy, so each of the girls got one.  Ally...giraffe, Annie...a bird on a swing, and Hope got a bunny.

This shirt cracked me up!

We decided to go for a walk on the Principal River walk bridge and to the Chinese garden by the river. On a side note, Annie had on the I (heart) bacon shirt and ironically enough it was nation bacon day.  She had a LOT of comments on her shirt at the farmer's market and could have sold a bunch of them.

Hope found this rock by the river and wanted to bring it home as a pet rock.  (eye roll)  LOL!  Well, it turned out to be the perfect rock for our newest Fall fairy to sit on (see first picture too).  Good eye Hope!

I found this cool teapot house and all the halloween decorations for our fall fairy garden.  My favorite is the witch legs.  :)  We have added several things since this picture too.

That isn't all...my friend Kristi, her son Owen and friend Chris also came to visit.  And Joe's mom was also visiting.  We had a full house, but we had a great time together and of course got in some time in the hot tub too!

It was Still HOT on Saturday, so the girls stayed cool on the slip n slide on our hill.

Once it cooled down we finally lit a fire out back.

On Labor Day we planted some fall flowers in Hope's window box.  Joe set up her doll and horse on the bed so they could watch us.  LOL!  We ended up with pansies and two mums on each end.  I guess we didn't get a picture of the finished boxes.  

I actually grew a potato this summer.  While I was mixing up the dirt in the pots I found this and couldn't figure out what it was...then remembered the vine was a potato vine.  :)  Hope wanted to cook it for supper.  LOL!

Well, that is about it for tonight...here are some fun bird cards for you!

(card inside)

I love making cards using pattern papers with built in designs on them.  Love the MME glitter papers.

Time for me to fly...


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