Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Week!

and counting!  I have not had a Diet Coke in over a week (as of yesterday).  I LOVE the stuff, but just had to decide to stop drinking it.  Yeah me!

Today was pajama day at school.  I must be slipping because I forgot to take a picture of Hope before she went to school.  Oh well.  She was cute, you will just have to take my word for it.  LOL!

Not much else going on, so will end with sharing some Celebration related cards...

This card was actually from a recycled card I received.  I cut off the front because I thought it was so pretty with the glitter dots already on it.

This card was a struggle.  I had this clock I wanted to use, but after the move I couldn't find my stamp set with "time to celebrate".  I looked multiple times.  Of course after I created this card using letter stickers, I finally found the stamp set.  :)

I had these cork shapes for a LONG time and was having troubles using them, until I came across a sketch with circles all across it.  I used it to create this card and finally use up my cork pieces.

Have a good night!


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