Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day!

Thanks to Facebook, I  now know that today is Grandparents Day.  So sorry to both Grandma's that there was nothing special in your mailboxes this weekend (or the last time we saw you-last weekend).  We love you and appreciate everything you do for us and Hope loves you both too!

So here are some cards to celebrate you...

Since we only have Grandmas and I forgot to share these in May, I will share them now.  :)

And here are two recent layouts I created, which features each of the Grandmas. 

The first one is our trip to Duluth,  MN last summer for a family wedding.  We took Grandma Karen up to MN so we could all attend and we did some fun things around town. 

On each side I created pockets to hold my journaling and some extra pictures and postcards.

This is a funny layout about Grandma Deloris and Hope.  When Joe and I were out of town a year ago, she came to stay with Hope.  Her car has a CD player in it and Hope heard Red Solo Cup and wanted to hear it over and over again.  After Grandma went home she started singing this song and it just cracked me up.  So on Hope's birthday this year we just happened to use red solo cups and caught mom and Hope proceeding to party!!!!  LOL!

And now onto other news...

Our neighbors held an End of Summer party last night and really went ALL out!  They created this 100' slide down the hill in their back yard.

I think Hope went down about a 100 times throughout the day.  All the kids (BIG and little) had fun on it.  After it got dark was went most of the BIG kids had some fun going down too.  LOL!

They had a sump pump hooked up to the end and pipes to recycle the water from the pool at the bottom back up to the top for constant water going down.  And he kept adding soap to it too, so it would be slick.  So cool!

They also hired a band and had BBQ catered in, as well as a popcorn machine, etc.  It was fun meeting a few of the neighbors we hadn't met yet.

Well, now that we have had the End of Summer party, hopefully it will start to cool down (just a bit) and we have a nice LONG fall.

Have a great night!


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