Saturday, June 1, 2013

20 minutes

After we had our final inspection the other day on the house we recently purchased, Joe sent me the following text...

"Yes we still want it!!! Awesome house for only 20 minute viewing!!!  I can't even buy shoes in 20 minutes"

Ok, this text cracked me up!!!!!  It is true that my husband cannot buy anything, plan anything (trips, etc.) without extensive research before making the purchase and yet the most expensive item we will likely EVER buy we looked at for 20 minutes and made an offer.  YES, it is THAT AWESOME!!!!

We are pretty excited about getting into the house and are VERY anxious about getting our current house sold.  We got it listed this week with a realtor.  I am praying A LOT!  I am pretty sure this is the cleanest our house has EVER been. LOL!  It look good!

The other activity keeping us busy this past week was dance recital for Hope.  She did a great job and it was so fun seeing everyone else dance as well.  They all did great.

Hope got so many flowers it took THREE vases just to hold them all.

Grandma Deloris got these really cool glitter covered red roses!

Of course she got lots of great rainbow colored flowers and roses from Grandma Karen, Aunt Dee, Aunt Dawn, Annie and Ally and some flowers and dance fairy books from us too.  She made out like a bandit on this dance gig!  She loved every minute of it. 

Last weekend Hope and I made cookies to take to our new neighbors and I gave them this card...

Here are a few other cards made with scraps from the Glitz papers/stickers...

This card I sent as a graduation card.  I thought it was so cool, like spreading your wings and flying to follow your dreams...

Until next time...


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