Sunday, June 30, 2013

A horse is a horse of course...

Remember when Hope had the BEST DAY EVER and won that giant stuffed horse?  Well she also won two free pony rides at a local equestrian center.  So today during our open house we took her up to use one of her certificates.

Here she is getting all saddled up and ready to ride...

She was taking everything in all around her.

Of course she was NOT cooperative at the end when we were able to take a few photos of them close and standing still.  Oh well, I have a few that I can scrapbook.  :)

We were close to Jester Park, so we had a picnic down by the lake, played at the playground and drove down to the bison/elk area.

We found the bison and elk cooling off in the lake.

Then we had a little fun in the nature play area.  Hope played with these blocks and building table that were created as an Eagle Scout project.  We might have to make some of these scrapbook wood block to play with in the back yard.  Anyone have any extra scrap wood we could have????

There were a LOT of beautiful flowers all around this area and Joe captured this moth/butterfly on a nearby flower.

We still had some time until our open house was done, so we drove back to town and had some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.  YUM!

Well, we had a pretty good response to our open house and have a second showing tomorrow.  PLEASE say some prayers that these are the buyers.  I have been praying all day long.  :)

Well, onto another funny Hope story...I shared this the other day of FaceBook, but just had to share it here too.

I picked her up from the summer program and was channel surfing on the radio when I came across Crocodile Rock, by Elton John.  It was the nanananana part, that is really high pitched and I was singing along.  From the back of the van Hope yells...Who is this, Elmo?  LOL!  I laughed so hard that she actually got mad at me because she thought I was making fun of her, but I just couldn't help myself.  It still makes me giggle.  

Since we say a lot of butterflies today, here are a few cards to share with you that have butterflies on them...

This butterfly was chipboard and I painted it cream and then used a script stamp to add the cursive detail in brown.

Some butterflies are just the perfect small little detail  needed on a card.

I picked up this gem butterfly from a Target $ bin and have had it a while just waiting for the perfect place to use it.

These next two cards already had the butterflies on the paper.  I just added a sentiment and a few gems.

I made this card a LONG time ago for a magazine submission call and loved it so much I just couldn't part with it.  I will find the perfect person to give it to someday.  The colorful paper was a color copy of a painting Hope created.  And the butterfly is a mirror wall decoration  left over from Hope's room.  I just added a rub-on sentiment.

This is another item that has been in my stash for quite some time.  I created this butterfly at a make n take at Archivers.  When I was using these paper scraps to create with I was digging through my stash and thought the teal on the butterfly matched perfectly.

Alright, that is it for tonight!  I am off to do a little reading and then get some sleep for what I hope is to be an exciting day tomorrow!!!!  Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming for an offer on our house!  It is greatly appreciated!


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