Thursday, June 6, 2013

Schools out for the SUMMER!

Hope is now a third grader!  That is crazy to even think it, but it is SO true.  She said everyone cried at their last day of school assembly, but she managed to hold her tears back.  LOL!  I am a little sad to be leaving this school, but I know her new school is really nice too.

There is even a small chance we live far enough away from the school that she can still ride the bus.  That would be nice, but if not I will be dropping her off at school and then heading to work in the fall.

I went in last week to say my good byes to some of the staff I have come to know.  They are all great people and I really needed to thank her teacher Mrs. Harper for going WAY above and beyond this year.  She is an awesome teacher.  We will also miss the ladies at the front desk and the school nurse too.  Bridgett was great working with Hope and her meds this past year while we struggled to get the right dose that worked for Hope.  And of course thanks the bus driver, Mr. Caster too.  He is always very friendly since the very first day he dropped her off from her first day of Kindergarten.  He will be missed too!  Not that they read this, but thanks to all of them for taking such good care of my girl!

So today is a break before she starts the summer program tomorrow.  What exciting thing did she get to do (besides play Wii this morning)...she got to come to the bank with me to drop off papers for our loan.  LOL!  Exciting!  She will recover from the boredom.

So to celebrate the end of the school year, here are a few happy cards to share with you...

I love this card...I use the faux stitching a lot on my cards because it is too much work to actually drag my machine out each time I create a card I want to stitch on.  I am hopeful I will have room in my new scrapbook room to set up my machine to be left out all the time.  That will be fun!

So for this card I poked the holes and used a coordinating marker to draw lines between each hole to look like stitching.

I have a tendency to collect embossing folders.  I love the look of it when I use them.  Maybe at the new place I will use them more since I can have my machine out all the time too.  :)  Are you sensing a theme here that I am excited I don't have to share my room anymore.  :)

The next two cards were made with scraps from this kit I designed for The Scrappy Gourmet.  When I was designing I was trying to decide what color I wanted to print my quotes on...I ended up using the cream, so I decided to create cards using the ones I printed on the orange paper.  If you are interested, there are still a few more of those kits left...go check it out.

Well, I am off to run a few more errands and then relax a bit this afternoon.

Have a good one!


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