Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!  He is Risen, indeed!  We enjoyed a beautiful Easter service this morning.  Very moving.

Before church, Hope hunted for eggs around the house.  We must have had a VERY tall bunny this year.  LOL!

She did get a few things in her basket too, more paint and canvases to create more masterpieces.

And she did some climbing to get to some of the eggs too.

Yesterday after the funeral, we had our family Easter dinner at Debbie's house.  So we had a quick egg hunt outside before it got dark.

Grandma Deloris with Hope, Annie, Kenton, Kendal and Ally.

After we got back inside, I caught Kenton taking eggs out of Hope's basket and into his own bag.  BUSTED!  :)

This one was just cute!  He had put stickers all over his face.  Wish he would have felt better, he had been spiking a fever off and on trying to cut some of his molar teeth.  Not fun!

Earlier in the week, we were watching Dawn's dogs Regis and Max (pictured with Hope).  Hope put one of her dance skirts on max so he was ready for dance too.  :)

We also went to the open house at Hope's school this week.  Hope and her teacher showed me how to do an equivalent fraction with these magnets.  So cool!

Then we went to the computer lab for some fast math games.

There was also a tangram activity in the art room and we ate supper there too.  Fun night!

After we finished at school, we decided to try and visit the Easter Bunny.  Hope decided she didn't want to see the bunny (oh well), but still wanted to ride the train.

We did a little shopping and headed home.

Well, that was our week (mostly) in a nutshell.  Here are a few more Easter related layouts to share.

This was Hope's visit last year to the Bunny.

This is Easter morning, 2012.

 Alright, I have some napping to do this afternoon, so I better get to it!  :)


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