Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Joe!  Here is to many more happy birthdays for us together!!!!!  Hope you get to feeling better soon (he woke up with a little case of the sniffles or more of a stuffy head).  :(  So we stayed in tonight and watching the BB games.  I hear there are a few of them on tv.  LOL!

Seriously, go ISU Cyclones!

Joe and Hope played some Wii bowling, since we didn't go to Bass Pro Shop to bowl and for supper.

Then we  finally let Joe unwrap his present.  A while back we visited West End Salvage here in town, which just recently got it's own tv show on HGTV.  The guys on the show were super happy to have their picture taken with Joe.  This is Don, the owner of the shop...

And this is Hal.

So I had the idea to go down and get him a hat from the store and I had all the guys on the show sign it.

Fame looks good on you honey!  :)

So if you love make over shows with a twist, check out their show, you can get details on their website HERE.

So in honor of Joe's birthday, here a a few fun birthday cards.

Well, time to go watch some basketball!  Have a good night and I hope we pull out a win!


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