Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busted bracket!

Bummer, when the Cyclones lost today my bracket is busted.  I was hoping for sweet revenge against Kansas in the final game with ISU being victorious in a national spot light!  Oh well!

And now onto Easter activities.  Because the game was on during our normal church service, we decided to go to one of the Saturday night services, you know for palm Sunday (eve).  :)  Last year's services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday were so powerful.  I can't wait to experience this year too.

So today we decided we better color eggs.  Hope invited the twins over, which my sister was very glad because coloring eggs is one of her most despised activities!  LOL!  You are very welcome Dawn.  You owe me!  :)

Hope had picked out the glitter egg kit.  I made her pay me the extra $2 it cost over the basic color kit.  Next year we know just to use our own glitter and sprinkle it into the dye instead of paying extra.

The twins brought over the marble dye kit.  We only used the oil in a few of the colors.  It was kind of cool, but again, would just buy the regular kit and add oil to a few of the colors.

We started out without aprons on, which we soon discovered were needed!!!!  These are messy kids!  We went through a LOT of paper towels.  :)

So hopefully Hope and I will get to the bunny sometime this week too.

And of course, it has been snowing all day.  Luckily, it isn't sticking to the roads and isn't very deep in the grassy areas either.  I think I heard it was supposed to be in the 50's by Friday.  I hope they are right and that we don't look back!  Seriously, it is Spring, now act like it!

This was a picture of Fred the squirrel Hope and Joe took while visiting Karen last week.  We love to watch him eat the corn she puts out on her deck for him to eat.  

I forgot I haven't shared this with you yet.  A few weeks ago, I took a class at my local scrapbook store on using mixed media.  We created an altered book.  They had a guest instructor, Cheryl Mezzetti come in to teach the class.  I had heard and seen all these fun products, but didn't really know what to do with them.  This was a great way to try out all kinds of fun products.  I think they might even be fun to use on greeting cards too.  We will see...

So this is the front cover of my book.  The book I brought had a picture of this lady on it, so I wanted to use that as part of my design.  I covered the left side with music note pattern paper and then used gesso and paint to alter it.

The modeling clay was a lot of fun to work with and may even find a way onto my scrapbook pages too.

The back is where I started to experiment with mixing colors together to get a bronze like color with the green tint (which was actually a turquoise, yellow and rose color mixed together.

I wanted to use a bolder color on the inside, so i used the turquoise inside and tried out a different stencil for the modeling clay.

We also learned how to glue the pages together using matte medium and applying gesso.  So I have several pages ready to go, when I am ready to play around with the book again.  

And here are a few Easter layouts to share too...

These pictures were from last year coloring eggs.  I dug DEEP into my stash for these papers.  I think the papers were dated from collections in 2007????  I remember looking, but I don't remember for sure. Even the circle gems have been in my stash for a while.  At least the letters were fairly new.  :)  It felt good to use something from deep within my stash.

I used different colors of cats eye inks to color the letters.

I have a few more Easter layouts to share this week, so will be back again as time allows.  



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