Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reason #1 why we...

...should get another dog.  As I posted back in January, our pomeranian of 13 years died.  It has been REALLY quiet around the house (well at least the few minutes before Hope gets home from school).  LOL!

I am totally ready to get a dog and Hope was ready the day after he died, but Joe isn't quite there yet.  SO...I am starting a list of reasons why the time is nearing for us to get a dog.  :)  Add in your own version of a maniacal laugh here....wahahahahaha.

So reason #1was born upon a comment Joe made this weekend.  He told me he used Hope's new toy broom to sweep up a LOT of food on the kitchen floor.  WELL...if we had a dog, said dog would eat all crumbs of food dropped onto the floor.  Just food for thought...

Well, this post is being added to the site a little earlier than it normally would.  Due to snow, Hope's school got out 2 hours early.  So I have been catching up on some things.  By the time they called it an early out the snow had stopped, but by the time they got home it had started snowing again.  I guess it is supposed to snow all night.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  Maybe a late start or another snow day.  I hope not, we are already getting out sometime in early June.

Horse update...I guess Hope changed the names of the two smaller horses to Regan and Georgia.  They are friends of her's from school and they really like horses.  She played race horse all afternoon on Sunday and gave her horses gold medals after each win.  Pretty cute stuff!

Another funny moment...although I wish I could remember the exact words she used.  The other night we went out to dinner to celebrate national Margarita Day.  :)  Before our food arrived, out of the blue she asked Joe and I when we would need to pay our taxes to President Obama.  What????  We just looked at each other and cracked up.

How about a blast from the past...when Hope and I went shopping for her dress for the daddy daughter dance we went into Claire's to get some jewelry too.  I saw this...

I remember looking through my Grandma Palmer's jewelry box and she used to have an owl neckless nearly identical (at least from what I remember) to this one.  Made me think of her and Grandpa too.  :)

Here is Lauren and Hope at Christmas...

In honor of my niece Lauren's birthday today, here are some birthday related cards to share.  Happy Birthday Lauren!

And this one is in honor of my friend Evon...she turns 50 TODAY!!!!  

Lucky for her she is in Costa Rica celebrating her birthday.  Or maybe lucky for me since I am going to share these photos of her.  Again...insert your own maniacal laugh HERE!  LOL!!!!

On not just one occasion, but two separate times she let the neighbor girls put make-up on her.  And she made the mistake of sharing these photos with me a LONG time ago.  Lucky for me I kept a copy of them.  HAHAHAHA!  That is what you get for putting a picture of me up at work and telling everyone I was turning 60!  Good Grief!  :)

Hope you have having a lovely time on your trip and see you when you get back.

Everyone else, hope you have a great night!


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