Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beware...Cuteness ahead!

Last Friday night was the Daddy Daughter dance at our church.  We got back from vacation just in time for Joe to take Hope and this year Annie and Allie joined them too.

Don't they all look cute (and Joe looked very handsome too).

They had a lot of fun dancing, eating pink cupcakes and making crafts.

Today I survived the Spring Party at Hope's school.  Somehow I ended up being the ONLY parent available to help out.  YIKES!  Luckily, Hope's teacher was able to help me out too.  She covered passing out treats to half the kids and I handled the other half in a game.

We played Minute to Win it games.  I had found the idea from Pinterest.  I used plastic cups and marshmallows.  The marshmallows were cheap, but I would reconsider if you do something like this because the kids kept stepping on them and they got squished into the carpet.  EWWWWW!  Other than that, the kids had a lot of fun and I had to keep reminding them not to eat the marshmallows after they had been on the floor.  GROSS!  Cracked me up, because most of them would have been willing to eat the ones we used during the game if I had let them.  LOL!  Luckily we had lots left over, so I passed out the clean ones to the kids that didn't get enough sugar from the cupcake treats.  :)

Here is Hope sneaking a peek into her Valentine bag of treats she got from her classmates.  It looked like a LOT of candy in there.  What ever happened to the good old fashion paper Valentine cards.  Now we get to deal with the sugar battle of limiting how much she gets to eat and when she can earn some to eat, etc.  FUN!

Since I had my camera at work, I took a few better pictures of the roses Joe sent me for my birthday.  They still smell very fragrant and are opening up beautifully!

Well, I need to go get my little mermaid dressed and fed so we can head off to the Y for her swimming lessons.  :)  She is still in the beginner level, hopefully the fourth time is the charm for her to move up. :)

Well, now for your dose of honor of Valentine's Day here is a card I made for a couple that celebrate's their wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day and my mother in law Karen wanted a special card to give to them that would celebrate both.

This card is the one I made and gave to Joe this morning...

...and this one was for Hope.  She had been bugging me for quite some time about a kids size broom at a store near her dance studio and she wanted it really bad.  So I decided this would be a good time to get it for her.  She was pretty excited.  I kind of am too because I am hoping it means she will use it to help me keep the floors clean in the kitchen.  Our floors have never looked so bad.  After Reilly died, we don't have an automatic "dropped" food eater to clean up all those food crumbs.  We REALLY need to get a dog soon!  (hint hint to Joe).  :)

Even Joe got crafty and made me a card too using the pictures from our recent trip.  What an awesome husband I have.  My craftiness is rubbing off on him.  :)

Alright, that is it for now.  Have a good evening and Happy Valentine's Day!


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