Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cabo San Lucas

We just got back from vacation and it was SO wonderful.  Joe did a great job finding a perfect location for us to relax and have some fun too.  These are in random order of how they downloaded (because I was too lazy to move them around).  LOL!

This was our resort.  We took this picture from the catamaran whale watching tour.

Joe and I on the beach just after we arrived.

I had to walk in the sand and dip my toes in the ocean.  We were on the Pacific side, so we were on a non-swimable beach because the waves are too dangerous.  That's ok, we had a great pool to relax by and cool off in too.

This is a picture of the famous arch.  Our tour guide called it the drinking dragon because it looks like the head of a dragon drinking from the ocean.

We arrived too early to check into our room, so we enjoyed some food and our first (of many) happy hours.  Those margaritas were GOOD!

This was a sea lion resting on the rock, which is considered land's end because it is the last tip of the Baja peninsula.

Here we are by the arch again in a smaller glass bottom boat.  We stopped in an area for snorkeling and could see the fish down in the water.  They would come right up to the bottom of the boat since our guide was feeing them.

This sea lion was resting under the dock when we got back from our whale watching tour.  It's eyes were so beautiful.  I wanted to just reach out and pet it.  :)

This place was interesting...Gordo Lele's.  It is a VERY small restaurant, and if you are ever in Cabo, you have to go there.  He calls himself the 5th Beetle and sings their songs while the customers eat.  The food was fantastic and very inexpensive.  This was probably my favorite meal.

The entire place is probably 10 x 10 room that seats 16.  When we walked in they turned on a portable AC unit and quickly started serving us.  Very friendly.  All over the walls are tons of Beetles and Elvis pictures and other pictures that people have sent to them after their trip.

This was the signature drink at the pool bar.  The coco loco.  YUM!!!!!!!

After we ate at Gordo Lele's we stopped at Cabo Wabo for another drink and some live music.  This is owned by Sammy Hagar.

The glass bottom boat took us across the marina to the Mango Deck, which is a bar/restaurant on the public beach.  Joe had these singers sing Happy Birthday and then they sang Pretty Woman.  Of course, for a tip.  :)  

Before heading to Mango Deck, our boat tour guide agreed to drop us off at Lover's Beach so we could explore for about 10 minutes and then off to eat lunch.  We stayed clear of divorce beach.  LOL!

Here are a few pictures from our whale watching tour.  Fantastic time!  I got brave and climbed out on the netting.  It was pretty cool being out there.

We saw several whales while we were out there.

Joe did a GREAT job of capturing this tail as the whale went back under water.  We also had a whale surprise us and jump out of the water right in front of our boat, but nobody got the pictures since we didn't even know he was around.  :)  It was an awesome site to see though.

And one last picture of us in front of the arch.

We had a great time and it was very relaxing.  I would highly recommend going for vacation.

Since we were in Mexico, I have a Mexican themed layout to share.  

And since Valentine's Day is coming up, here are a few cards for that too...

Alright, that is it for today.  I will be back to share photos of the daddy daughter dance from last night.  Talk about hitting the ground running when we got back...


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Excellent pictures. So glad you had a great birthday celebration. Happy 40th!

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