Tuesday, February 12, 2013

40 and Fabulous!!!!

Due to some computer issues this weekend, I didn't get around to posting about my 40th birthday yesterday, so I will just share some of the highlights of the day...

Joe was quite the talk of the office.  He had 40 red roses (from him) and a smaller vase of 8 red roses (from Hope) and the balloons delivered to me at work.  It took three people to get it all back to my desk.  CRAZY!  I guess he is a keeper.  :)  They definitely help to make my office space smell better.  (That is another story for another day...)

My friend Evon made these fun margarita cupcakes and chocolate pies for me and Kristin made sugar cookies too.  Do I have great friends or what??????

We went out to dinner at Red Lobster (after Hope had dance class-normal life doesn't stop just because you are celebrating a major birthday).  YUM!

Before we left for dance I got to open my gifts from Joe and Hope.  Of course, my main gift was our trip, but they got me some other things too so I would have something to unwrap.  :)

Hope remembered that I needed a new iron, so that is what she picked out.  I was actually quite impressed she remembered.  :)

And of course, Joe got me a bottle of my favorite wine, along with some margarita mix and pina colada mix too.  YUM!

I almost always request a chocolate pie for my birthday instead of cake, so Joe picked up a special (February only special) chocolate pie from Baker's Square.  It was AWESOME!!!!

And that was about it.  Hope really wanted me to put her to bed last night, so she had to promise she would have good listening ears otherwise I was going to leave and let dad put her to bed.  She did pretty good and went to bed relatively easily (for Hope).  :)

So in honor of my birthday here are a few birthday related cards to share with you...

Well, that is about it.  Here's to being 40 and FABULOUS!!!!


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