Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great weekend!

I got a surprise text on Friday afternoon that my BFF Kristi was going to come visit.  We hadn't seen each other since last fall, so we were overdue for a catch up session.  It was great seeing her and her son Owen.  Hope and Owen had a great time playing with my old lego sets and some of Hope's Toy Story legos too.

Joe was kind enough to watch the kids for us so we could go see a chick flick.  We went to see Safe Haven, based on a Nicolas Sparks book.  I love all his books and enjoyed the movie too.  I had to laugh because I actually had the story of this book mixed up with a different book by Danielle Steele called Safe Harbor.  So I couldn't figure out why the movie wasn't following the book until I realized I was thinking of a different story.  LOL!

And of course we did a little scrapbook shopping and already planned our next visit in March.  YEAH!

Not much else going on so will just share some crafty inspiration...I haven't shared a layout in a while and since it is supposed to snow again this week maybe I can scare it away with a Spring themed layout.  :)  Wishful thinking?  I am pretty sure I heard somewhere in the neighborhood of at least a foot of snow or more in some areas around here.  YIKES!

I just realized I don't have the date on this layout (unless I added it after I took the pictures).  This was from Easter 2012 down at Grandma Deloris' farm.

And here are a few cards using the scraps from this layout.

Well, that is it for tonight!  Have a good one!


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