Monday, December 31, 2012

White Christmas

Ok, so this update is a little late, but I have been busy hanging out with Hope and Scrapbooking!!!!

Hope is FINALLY not sick.  Although Hope and I had to stay home and only Joe traveled up to visit his family for Christmas.  So Joe was able to visit and bring back Hope's presents.

One of her favorite presents was this sassy hat.  It goes perfect with her personality.  :)

Elfie had a few last good hiding spots...

...before he headed back to the North Pole with Santa.  Thanks Elfie for another fun year.

Of course, we made some yummy cookies for Santa.

And of course over the weekend we got more snow, which guaranteed a White Christmas.  Christmas morning was pretty fun.  Hope got a lot of great presents, including the McKenna American Girl Doll.  She loved it!

She also got some of the Friend legos, which we had a LOT of fun putting together.

She also got the crutches and cast.

Grandma also helped Hope put together some of the legos.  When ever Hope "dinged" Grandma was supposed to turn the page.  It was pretty funny.

Later that day, Dawn and the twins and the Walkers came over for dinner.  We decided to take the kids sledding to work off some Christmas Day energy.  IT WAS COLD!!!!!!

Lauren was a trooper and went down the hill several times with the kids.

We had my family Christmas and mom got Hope a jeep for her American Girl Dolls.  Obviously, she LOVES it.  :)

And we got more snow.  Hope went out back and had some fun of her own.  She had found my ski goggles.  She loved them.  :)

And she looked great in her new rainbow stocking hat.

Since it has been so cold out, I thought I would share a warm summer layout.

I free hand drew the sun and cut it out (in orange and yellow) and used every yellow button I had on hand to fill in the center of the sun.

I just used a list of activities we did over that summer (2011).

Alright, have a great New Year's Eve and be safe out there.


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