Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blown Away!!!

Last night Joe and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert.  Even though she was sick and was having troubles singing, she still sounded pretty good.

About half way through the concert, she came out and said she was only singing at about half where she should be singing and just didn't feel right about making money off the concert, so she was going to donate all her proceeds to our community.  HOW COOL!!!!

Anyway, she wore five different outfits...and had the coolest floating stage!  This is a picture I got from a friend that was sitting on the floor area.

This was our perspective of the same area.  It so cool.  It had a glass bottom to it, so those on the floor could look straight up.

She played some of her older songs, but most of it was from her last two albums.  She finished off the night with Blown Away, and they had a smokey tornado behind her and were blowing bits of paper out of a hole in the floor and it was sticking to her and she even laughed at one point while singing.

The concert was great and I hope to see her again someday.  Thanks Joe for getting the tickets for us!!!!

Well, onto other news, yep going to sound like a broken record, but still dealing with the flu around here.  Hope seems to feel better for a few days and then gets sick again.  She may have had too much junk food with the babysitter last night???  Hoping that was the case.  After midday today, she acted fine again.  Took her to the doctor and they said just stomach virus, so just waiting this out unless something else more serious presents itself.  She didn't even feel good enough for the firetruck Santa this morning.  Kind of makes me sad she missed it.  We still need to make it to the mall too.  She is hoping to do some shopping tomorrow, so keeping my fingers crossed.

Elfie update...he has been spotted in Hope's (messy) room...

...and hanging on the pink Christmas tree in the front room.  I wonder where we will find him tonight????   HeeHee!

Well, since it is just over a week until Christmas, here are a few Christmas cards to share...

Well, it is time for me to get to bed!  Goodnight!


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