Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blizzard Warning!!!

Here is comes!!!!  We are getting our first major snow storm in two years and of course it is supposed to be a blizzard!  It has actually started snowing and it did rain a little before that started.  I think I actually just heard some thunder????  Yikes, I hope it was just the neighbor moving something outside.

Honestly, it doesn't look like much on radar, but my area of the state is supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow and major wind, which is what will cause most of the havoc!  So we will see how things play out tomorrow morning.  It would be nice to have a snow day to give Hope one more day to get to feeling better and back to school for her Winter party on Friday.

We finally went back to the doctor today and got some meds to help control her nausea and she seems much better today than last night.  They ran a few other tests as well and nothing significant (for now) indicated anything wrong.  So just trying to keep fluids and light food in her for now and so far so good today on that front.  Yeah!  It is the little things.  Although...he suggested not to give her the ADHD meds for awhile, so NOT looking forward to that time.  This could be a rough Christmas break!  Say a few prayers for me and Hope.  LOL

Anyway, I need to update you on where Elfie has been the past few days...he got a little crazy this night and ended up on the light fixture above Hope's art table.

...but yesterday he was pretty low key keeping a close eye on Hope in the living room while she was sick.

And of course in the hallway behind the Santa wallhanging.  :)

This morning he was right there on the stair banister, just having a jolly ol' time!

I wonder where we will find him tonight?????  I hope he is excited to travel in the snowstorm.  He better dress warm!!!!

We did get around to wrapping some presents and put them under the tree.  That seemed to perk Hope up a little bit and she had fun moving them all around and stacking them up, etc.

She thinks she has some of them figured out, but she isn't right on all of them.  (Insert evil laugh)

She wanted some company the other day watching movies (I guess besides me), so she brought her dolls down to hang out with her too.

She made sure they were all nice and cozy before starting the movie.  The top blanket is my kiki (my blanket when I was a kid).  I have no clue where I came up with that name, but that is what I called it.

On Sunday, Hope was feeling better, luckily just long enough to go see Santa (we actually thought she was over it by that point).  Of course she told him she wanted something she REALLY wanted and has been told repeatedly she might not get it.  And Santa said..."I am sure we can do that."  Way to go Santa!  Way to go!

Of course, we got to the mall and walked up to the Santa area and noticed a sign just in front of the person in line of us.  Yep, that was the cut off line so Santa could take his hour break after being on duty for 2 HOURS!  Seriously!  Ok, I am totally for getting breaks periodically, but an entire hour.  Luckily Joe was with us too, so I stood in line while Hope and him went to do some shopping of their own.  Then we switched places and I went to do a little shopping of my own too.  I didn't get much done, but all in all I think we stood in line over 2 hours.  Next year we are going to Bass Pro Shop, they hand out a time for you to come back so you don't have to wait in line.  YES!

Let's see, Hope was also able to go to school last Monday and Tuesday, so she went to dance class.  It was observation night, so I got to see what she had been working on in class.  I love the sequin leg warmers she had on.  CUTE!

Ok, have you had enough?????  Well, here are a few cards to share too.  :)  Pink Paislee scraps and other misc. items from my stash.

Ok, now I am done!  Stay warm and if you are in the path of the storm...STAY SAFE!!!


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