Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do...Do...Do...Looking Out My Back Door

Well, it is a winter wonderland around here and we got the day off from work and school because of it!  Yeah!  I just wish Hope felt good enough to go out and play, although that didn't stop her from getting dressed and going out on the back deck for about a minute.  She couldn't help herself.  :)

And of course, Reilly has been out about every 10 minutes since he got up this morning.  He LOVES snow!!!  Just loves to go out and tromp around in it.  I always goes out where it is higher than his belly and just kind of wades around in it.  Sometimes he just lays out on the deck and enjoys the fresh snow. Crazy Dog!!!

And of course Elfie made it safely back from the North Pole last night and wanted to keep an eye  on things outside so he landed on the window crank in the front room.  He has the perfect view to watch the blowing snow and all the kids playing outside.

We are lucky we still have power.  There are a lot of areas near us that have not had power since early this morning. I hope they get it back soon.

In case you haven't visited The Scrappy Gourmet lately, I have a few new kits up on the site.  I shared the Elf one the other day (and it is SOLD OUT already) and here is another one called Everyday you Make Me SMILE!  

I had been saving lots of my favorite pictures of Hope and complied them all together on a layout and mini album.  This would be a great gift too.

 Well, off to build some legos with my favorite girl.  Stay warm.


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