Monday, October 1, 2012

San Diego

I have been missing in action on here lately.  We have been busy and Joe and squeezed in a little alone time last week with a trip to San Diego.  He had a business trip and I tagged along.  We extended it a few days longer to enjoy the area.

We got to stay at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado.

The weather was just beautiful.  We had to laugh because they were complaining about it being so HOT.  There was even an extreme weather alert concerning the 10% humidity and the temps were going to be in the 90's.  :)

 The hotel lobby was AMAZING!  I loved all the victorian details in the woodwork, etc.  The lighting was not great, but I did get a few pictures to show off the beauty of the hotel.

Here you can see the old metal cage elevator.  I wish I would have jumped in it just to say I rode it, but I didn't.  :)  We actually didn't get to stay in the old victorian part of the hotel, but we had nicer rooms than the ones in the old part too.

 The sunsets were also AMAZING!!!  This was our view for dinner the second evening we were there.

The day of the business meetings, Jeri (the other wife there for the business meeting from his company) went on an adventure to find a scrapbook store.  We decided to take a bus there, then transfer to a trolly/train then back to another bus.  We saw many things we laughed about, but didn't care to see in the first place.  We FINALLY made it to the store and it was worth it!!!

If you are ever in the San Diego area, check out Paper Tales.  They just expanded and had LOTS of great stuff.  They have a great website too, so you know what they have received that is new, on almost a daily basis.  Fun stuff!

They had some really cute displays too.  The one fun thing I got was some twine.  I loved it so much I bought an entire roll of it in both while/silver and pink/silver.  Cool stuff.

Jeri and I made it back to the hotel just in time to get ready for dinner that night.  So I didn't get to spend any time on the beach the first full day there, but I made up for it later.

Joe was done on Thursday, so we took a harbor tour with another couple there for the meeting.

Here is a navy dolphin doing tricks for us as we sailed past.  They train them to find bombs on the bottom of ships.  Joe actually saw some dolphins swimming just off shore in front of our hotel that morning too.

Here were some sea lions sunning on a dock.  There were hundreds of them.

This is the bridge we drove to get from San Diego out to Coronado Island.

Here is a view of the hotel lit up at night.  It was beautiful in day or night.  There is a story that there is a ghost that haunts the hotel.  Her name is Kate Morgan.  She was a guest of the hotel in 1892, when she died.  We were all sure she came to visit us one night because the light in our bathroom came on in the middle of the night (for two different rooms).  Crazy!!!!  But true.  Really, we think the AC kicked on and made the light come on too, but you just never know.  :)

On Saturday I finally got the chance to relax on the beach.  I didn't bother to put my suit on because the water was FREEZING!!!!!  But it was very nice temps on the beach to read and relax.  You could even get the hotel WiFi out on the beach.  AWESOME!!!  So I read and played a little Words with Friends from the beach.

That night we got to watch this beautiful sunset on the beach.  Then shortly after the sun went down there was a concert on the beach.  Another company was having a celebration and so we sat out on the beach and listened to the music.  It was cool, but the bottle of wine I was drinking helped keep me warm.  :)

This was a sand castle that was built on the beach in front of the hotel.  It was pretty cool.

Wow, what a trip and it was back to reality today.  I only got to work a few hours this morning before the school nurse called to let me know that Hope had a stomach ache.  I think she may have had a stomach ache, but she definitely wasn't sick.  :)  I made her come home and read books and rest this afternoon and amazingly, after she had some 7-up her stomach felt much better.  So much so, she requested ravioli for supper.  No way kid!  Back to school for you tomorrow!  :)

Ok, I guess I will share a layout with you tonight too.  I made this a while back and haven't had time to share it yet.  These are my two nieces (twin sisters).  They are nine (almost 10) now.  So I have had this picture quite a while waiting to be scrapbooked.  The photographer asked them to hug each other and ally said, "no 'ug".  She didn't want a hug from her sister and she had had enough of taking pictures.

Everything used was from My Minds Eye.

Alright, that is all for tonight!  Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later, but you just never know what life is going to spring on you!!!


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