Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

We finally found time to go to the pumpkin patch.  It was a beautiful day!!!!!

We started out with jackets and actually got hot during our first fun event.  We started out on the tractor ride out to the corn maze.  This year we actually found all of the characters in the maze.  YEAH!  It only took us a few rounds in the maze.  :)

And this is the pumpkin princess...

We loved this funky snake looking gourd.

And Hope took a swim in the corn pool.

...and she had fun with a few spins around the tractor course.

This picture cracks me up, because it looks like Hope is holding up that big pumpkin behind her.  FUNNY!

We had a great day together.

It was so nice we got a few family shots in the back yard with our dog Reilly.  We are actually having other family pictures later this week, but we won't be taking our dog Reilly.  So I thought it was a good chance to see how our clothes coordinated together.

I love the orange sweater on Hope, but she also wanted the sequin hat (which I also thought was really cute), so we will probably have pictures with both since she can just take the sweater off and put the vest on.  I hope the weather holds out.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

Well, I have some more random cards to share...these are from some Fancy Pants paper line and some other misc. items.

Well, I am beat and heading to bed early tonight!  Have a good one!!!


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