Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Solo Cup???

Mother!!!!  What were you thinking?????  :)

Ok, soon after Hope got home from school today, she asked me "mom, do you know the song Red Solo Cup?" and started singing the song.  I laughed and said I did know the song and asked where she learned that song, figuring it was from school like a lot of other songs like it.  BUT...she says "from Grandma Deloris!"  It played on her radio in her car when we would go somewhere when you were in San Diego.  I BUSTED out laughing!  LOL!

And now as I type, we are listening to the song Over and Over!  And I just hollar REAL loud when it gets to the point when the say the bad words.  :)  Good grief!

Well, this post calls for sharing this layout...look at that spirit, attitude, spunk or whatever you want to call it.  I love this picture.

I have not finished using all the My Minds Eye papers from this line, so I don't have any coordinating cards to share from this layout.  But here are a few more from a MME Christmas paper line.  Enjoy!

Well, I better go get started on cleaning, etc.  I still haven't even unpacked from either of my recent trips, so laundry is in order too.

Red Solo cup....I fill you up (that is the plan later, but mine will be a real wine glass with, yep you guessed it, wine!)  :)


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