Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Wish

Well, if you would ask my mom, there was always one Christmas wish I wanted every year...even into adulthood.

See, I was the youngest of four.  My oldest sister got married when I was 5, so since then I have had Christmas gatherings whenever my family could get together.  It wasn't always on Christmas and sometimes it was only for a few hours.

Well, the years when we knew we would only be together for a few hours and not (at least) an overnight I ALWAYS hoped for a blizzard so everyone would be forced to stay all night and be together for longer than we had originally planned.

We are hosting Christmas for my family next Friday (12/30) and there is a  BIG part of me hoping for a freak blizzard that will force my family to all have to stay at our house.  I picture all of us snuggling together under blankets, sleeping in the living room to stay warm from the heat of the fireplace (because of no electricity).  Yeah...I have really thought through all of these details.

Needless to say...I am very excited to be hosting next weekend, even if we are together for only a few hours.

Well, how early did all of you get up this morning?  Hope's original plan was to get up at 4:30am this morning; however, we were still up at 12:01, so she convinced us to unwrap presents since it was technically Christmas morning.  (Good thing Santa came while we were all in the basement watching a Christmas movie)  ;)  Well, I was all for it!  That meant I got to sleep in.  This may be a new Christmas tradition (especially on years she wants to get up at 4:30 am to unwrap gifts).  LOL!

So, the traditional quarter (in memory of Grandpa Palmer).

She realized part way into unwrapping gifts that she still had her headgear on.  LOL!  She will hate me some day for taking (and scrapbooking) this photo.

I love the reaction for the new hat i got her...

...and the circuit set.  She has had a lot of fun with it this morning.

Joe got Hope a guitar...

...however, secretly I think he really wanted it for himself.  LOL!

And of course, Taylor loved her new tug of war toy.

In the spirit of making sure I am not always behind the camera, even though I look a little scary (Mrs. Claus may have made her sangria a little too strong---LOL), Hope and Joe got me this cork holder.  I love it...I even had several already to put in it.

Hope wanted to stay up and work on her new lego set, so Joe and headed to bed.  Throughout the night I would hear her strumming her guitar, etc. This was the scene when I went to bed (from the clock in the back ground...that was around 12:50am). 

And this was the scene Joe found when he got up this morning  (I have no clue what time that was).  LOL!  That just melts my heart.

We may have had a rough beginning to Christmas Eve, but thankfully it ended on a good note.  Thanks to my sister Dawn for saying the words I needed to hear...thanks for a beautiful Christmas Eve church service...thanks for a wonderful family...that is all I need for Christmas.

To finish off this Christmas are a few more cards and a layout from Christmas past.

Little did I know at the time...but this would be the last time Hope wanted to visit Santa.  I couldn't even convince her to walk down to see the Firetruck santa in the neighborhood (so I took Taylor instead).  

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family (near and far).


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