Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 2017

We made it to 2017...which means birthday MONTH for Hope (or so she thinks)!  All I have heard is..."but mom, it is my birthday" all month long, even though it was back on the 7th.  LOL!

On her actual birthday (Saturday) it was pretty low key.  Hope and I went to a movie.  We saw SING for the 2nd time and then Joe met us at Cheesecake factory for an early dinner.  We didn't even take any pictures that day and we were half way done eating our cheesecake before we thought to even put a candle in it.  Oh well, Hope didn't want to bother at that point.

On Sunday we had our usual group birthday celebration with the twins at O'hana's.  Before we were seated, the owner, Si, was out at the entrance.  So I asked him to come over for a picture and we told him how we come every year for their birthdays.

She had a sleepover planned for the following weekend with some of her friends.  Unfortunately, an ice storm (kind of got in the way).  The girls still made it for a few hours and two went home before the storm hit.  One did get to say and I think the time she had with each of them was fun!

Hope and I made her birthday cake (well mostly Hope) and Angelia helped her frost it.

The girls made a toast to Hope (with kid wine of course)!

And then they started their make overs...rejuvenating face masks...LOL...

...followed by make-up and nail polish.  Hope even got a back massage from one of her friends.  And Hope was convinced that the blue strapless dress she has on fit her (it was mine from college).  I know I was smaller back then, but it was still too big since she had to use a belt to keep it on.  :)  She enjoys wearing it around the house to feel fancy with all her tiaras.  

And on the 18th...this furry little lady turned 3!!!!  You are legal in dog years (she has snuck a few licks of my wine from time to time).  Silly dog!  We got Taylor some new toys and a few tasty treats too!  She loves her new chicken, but the sound is driving us all crazy!!!

Well, that wraps up the birthday celebrations this month!  Next month we get to celebrate ME!!!

So in the spirit of are some creative cards and layouts.

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