Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bye-Bye Butterfly!

Today was a day Hope has been waiting for at school.  I was able to drop her off at school this morning and when we checked on the monarch butterfly was ready to come out of its chrysalis.  By noon, her teacher had emailed me that it had come out and they were going to release it that afternoon just before school was out.

So, I took off from work a little early and came home to get my camera.  I wish I would have had it this morning, because i had never seen a chrysalis before and it was so transparent you could see the colorful wings.  It was SO COOL!  :)

Before we took her outside, they went over some of the facts they had observed that morning.

They found out it was a girl butterfly, since there were no dot markings on the underside of the wings.  When she came out, her wings were all wrinkled and as she flapped her wings the color and wings began to unfold.

You can see the translucent chrysalis behind the butterfly.  They have one other one that should be ready to "hatch" in the next day or two.

Here she is just before taking her outside.

And I was lucky enough to capture this after she was placed on the butterfly bush.

The other exciting school event today was Arthur, her teacher's bunny, finally came to school.  She keeps him at school during the week and the kids love having him there.  Here is Hope and Arthur.

Well, since I shared a Christmas project last time, I will share a few more Christmas cards, from another My Minds Eye Christmas line.

Well, hopefully the Christmas cards will cool you off for the evening.


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