Sunday, March 4, 2012

Low Key weekend...

Those are my favorite kind of weekends.  We didn't do much around here and I loved every minute of it.  I did a lot of page planning for an upcoming crop I will be going to, so I am well on my way to getting a lot done that weekend.  Some of them will be kits for The Scrappy Gourmet, so check back for the results in a few weeks.  I am also getting caught up on some older pictures from 2010 and 2011.  I just kind of jump around to whatever I am inspired to scrapbook.  I am so glad I switched from scrapbooking chronologically.

No funny updates from Hope since then Principal's office visit, so that was a good thing.  :)  But makes for boring blog material.  I am sure she will liven things up again soon, don't you worry!

So I will share some cards...

Just recently I started buying the 6x6 paper pads for paper lines I liked, but it didn't work with any pictures I had for layouts.  So, I buy the small paper pads and make cards.  This was my first time just sitting down and making cards from something other than scraps.  I love working with the 6x6 paper pads and I am sure I will do this again soon.

Well, that is all for tonight.  I am off to call a long lost friend (from college) and catch up on details of the last 15+ years (although we have briefly seen each other since then).  I am so glad we found each other on Facebook.  Have a good night!


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