Thursday, March 8, 2012

The mad face...

Growing up, I had this funny face I would make when I was mad (or sometime upon request to see it).  We called it my "mad face".  See below (yep that is me and I am probably about the age of 7-same age as Hope).

So the other night, Hope was begging me not to go to gymnastics, which I have no clue why she didn't want to go except that it was beautiful out and she wanted to play with her friends.  I told her she had to go and this is the face I had glaring back at me...

Look familiar?  I just about cracked up!

Fast forward to another call from the school nurse.  Hope said her stomach hurt.  I wasn't convinced (again) that she was sick, but finally went to get her.  Nope, not sick!  So she has had to sit/lay on the couch since we got home doing nothing.  After an hour I did let her get a book to read.  There will be no fun had around here tonight when you pretend to be sick!  I am SO mean!  :)

Alright, better go make sure she is still on the couch!  If you listen closely I am sure you will hear me yelling to "GET BACK ON THE COUCH!".  :)  Did you hear it?

Anyway, here is a few more cards for you to enjoy.

Have a great night!


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