Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The lottery...

Do you play the lottery?  Joe gets tickets every so often, but the usually end up crumpled up on the counter for me to throw in the garbage.  :)  This morning when I got home from the Y, Hope announced we won the lottery!  Wow, really?  Yeah, dad won $7!  Hehehe!  She was pretty excited.  At least we didn't go into the red this week.

Then she explained that if we won $3 million dollars, that after taxes we would end up with "like" only $4,000, so don't get too excited mom.  Ok, I won't get too excited about it.  :)

I am SO excited...I leave in the morning for a scrapbook retreat.  I can't wait to see my gimpy friend Kristi! She had a bike accident last weekend and broke BOTH of her arms.  Needless to say she will not be scrapbooking, but she still wanted to come and hang out with me and the other ladies that will be there.  We are planning on taking good care of her!

So in honor of her injury...

...for quick healing for you and Owen.  Oh yeah, her son also wrecked his bike and broke his arm (which is what caused her accident).  I am sure there are more details to what she affectionately calls her "hilarious accident".  I can't wait to hear it all!  :)  Love you Kristi!

Well, I am off to pack my scrapbooking stuff in the car so I am ready to hit the road in the morning!!!


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