Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Best Way to spread Christmas Cheer...

...Is to SING Loud for all to Hear!  Or something like that, you know from the movie Elf.  :)

Speaking of singing, Hope recently had her music concert at school.

There she is in the front row (cream dress on the right) singing her little heart out.  Loved the concert and she did a great job.

AND speaking of Elf...Chippy arrived at our house a few days ago.  We found him on the tree, which is always his first stop when he comes back on December 1st each year.

Hope wanted to get him an outfit, so she picked out a tuxedo jacket for him.

Then one morning, we found him like this?  We weren't sure what it meant, until...

This happened!  WHAT?  Since they are sitting on the chapel in our Christmas village, we think he was telling us he got married.  So maybe the above was the aftermath of the bachelor party????  LOL!

So let me introduce to you...Sonia.  Hope asked them to pick different rooms the next night so she could have a "talk" with Sonia about her husband Chippy.  

So Chippy stayed out in the kitchen that night.  Bummer, he hid in my kitchen utensils, so I wasn't able to cook that night either.  Thanks Chippy!

This is where we originally found Sonia

So stay tuned for the continued adventures of Chippy and Sonia Elf.  

So I have actually recently scrapbooked several pages from our memories of last Christmas.

Now for all my scrappy friends...Do you ever get excited when you see a line of product and know you HAVE to HAVE it because it is perfect for a group of pictures you want to use for a layout?  Well this Christmas paper from BoBunny was one of those paper lines.  I LOVED the pink because our Christmas morning was filled with lots of pink last year because that is her favorite color.  

So, most of my layouts are two pages, and I knew I wanted to use the tree printed on the paper as part of my design on the layout below, but I wanted the background to flow to the other side too.  So my solution???  I turned the paper upside down and covered it with a grouping of photos and now my background flows across both pages.  Problem solved!

This was an easy layout as well.  I used the printed papers to do the work and just added a few touches and details to the layout with the year chipboard stickers and the flowers.

And in case you haven't figured it out already...I LOVE glitter paper.  So here is a little trick to make it go just a little bit further.  I really wanted to use the chevron glitter paper for the background in the layout below, but this was the only sheet I had of the paper.  What if I want to use some on a card or on another layout???  Well, once I had the postcard paper measured out, I cut out the section behind it since there is a large section that is hidden.  

And as always, once I use up most of the papers in a line of product I use the scraps to make greeting cards.  Here are several cards (with many more scraps available left to use) to share as well...

And of course the easiest cards to make is using the printed papers themselves and just adding a sentiment for a quick beautiful creation like the card below.  Love that Santa!

Alright, that is it for tonight...stay tuned because I have a feeling my night is about to get interesting (which is why I am drinking wine while I write this).  Hope informed me when I dropped her off at church that we needed to have a "talk" about Santa.  She thinks something is going on!  Gulp!

So when when Joe gets home with her we will see where this goes.  Maybe she will forget.  LOL!


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