Friday, December 18, 2015

1 week

Can you believe it is only one week until Christmas?  Mr. and Mrs. Chippy Elf are still roaming around the house...let's see what they have been up too!

Must have been trouble in paradise???

I guess they made up!  :)

Oops, got a little tangled up!

Paid a visit to baby Jesus.

And tried to keep Hope from watching too much tv (it didn't work, she snuck the remote out very carefully).

And finally, tried to keep Hope out of the cookies.  They were not successful with that either!

I guess I get one more day before I finish cleaning up after all our baking this week.  Hope and I made goodies for our neighbors and delivered them one evening.

So how many Christmas parties have you been too?  I forgot to share all the fun we had with our first annual "Best Neighborhood EVER Ugly Christmas Sweater" party we had a few weeks ago.  We truly do live in the best neighborhood.  We have a lot of fun together.

We have a group picture too, but I didn't have a copy of it available to share.  

We had a different course of the meal at a different house.  

So we took pictures in front of each tree.

All the food and drinks were fantastic!

This is one of my favorite photos.  It was just a spur of the moment photo, so not everyone is in it, but it captured the fun of the night.  LOL!

Even Taylor got an ugly sweater too.  She obviously was NOT amused.  LOL!

Well, that is enough for tonight...except I will share some Christmas Cheer with some projects and cards.

This was inspired by a project made by someone else (I can't remember her name because she stopped blogging), but I always loved her style.  I have had these papers for years and finally decided to make the projects.  

Until next time...


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