Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sunny Florida

See, I told you it wouldn't be that long before I blogged again!  

The first week of November gave me a short trip to Florida with friends (one new and one, well OLD)!  LOL!  Just kidding Evon!

We had a great time relaxing, enjoying the sunsets, drinking, eating and a few adventures...

My favorite adventure was paddle boarding on the inter coastal waters.  It was a LOT easier than I ever expected it to be.  I would love to buy one and do it on the many Iowa lakes around here.  We will see...maybe Santa will bring one and put it under the tree for me.  LOL!

I am in the middle, in the photo below.

This is what the boards looked like that we used.  They were even more beautiful in person.  We took a tour through Three Brother's Boards.  If you are ever in the Daytona Beach area, go check them out.  Our tour guide, Ben was fantastic.  It was a tour, but also a lesson in how to read the water for a safe adventure.

As we were finishing the final leg of the trip, we were slowly working our way back to the starting point and a bald eagle came flying over the water and landed on a light pole as if it was there to watch over us on the rest of our journey.

It reminded me of the time I was in D.C. with the honor flight and we saw a bald eagle flying over the Washington Monument and it was like Dad was there watching over the trip.

So, I felt like Dad was there, maybe stopping by to say Hi, or maybe making sure I made it back to land safely.  :)  Either way, it made my heart happy seeing the eagle.

Do the next day we decided to go parasailing.  None of us had done that before either, so why not!

Right by the tour location, there was this beautiful lighthouse.  

I was so thankful that we were the only one's on this tour because I thought I was going to get seasick when the boat stopped and there was no air moving.  Once we got in the air I was fine and before they reeled us in I actually relaxed too.  LOL!

There we go!  It was such a cool experience!

Thankfully, the captain was a little nicer on the way back to shore and didn't hit every wave as hard as he could.  I am pretty sure he didn't want to clean up after me if he made me sick.  LOL!

We had lots of great food, enjoyed a wine tasting with some fantastic food pairings and great company (well most of them were pleasant).  We held our own in the conversation, with a chatty know it all.  Ironically, he was a realtor and was telling us how he was going to get rich when the market dipped in a few years.  Maybe he will and maybe he won't.  I guess time will tell.

Well, thanks Evon for inviting me and thanks to Tara for letting me join you two!

Well, there you have it.  I think we are caught up again...

Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels!


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