Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

Well, I didn't even get photos of Christmas morning posted on Facebook, so here is my update...

Oh, look at these too.  Such cuteness!

Hope's chorus class (and band) had a small concert before the end of the semester.  She is in the white dress, front row (center).

AND..the BIG secret is out.  I was surprised it was not big deal to her.  She handled it very well, (considering the BIG GUY isn't real) and if you are friends with me of FB you might have seen the video.  "Don't Judge Me!".  LOL!

So the elves got to come to Cedar Falls with us in the car.

We had Christmas on the Weber side the week before Christmas.  Grandma Karen with three of her grandkids.

My sister Dawn watched Taylor for us, so when we picked her up Hope got 8 bags of clothes from the twins.  Here she is swimming in all her "new" clothes.

So now that Hope "knows" she helped us find new hiding places for the elves.  I got the night off in the kitchen since I couldn't open either of the main cabinets.  LOL!

And, while we were folding laundry and watching a Christmas movie, Hope said "Look mom, it is like I am a Leg Lamp".  LOL!  Just like from my favorite Christmas movie...A Christmas Story.

Of course, Christmas Eve services at Hope Lutheran Church are always so uplifting and amazing.  The candlelit sanctuary is such an amazing experience.  You can feel the warmth and love of God all around you.

And this is Chippy and Sonia's final location before going home with Santa this year.

And the tree before the chaos began!

Hope had a great Christmas...

...and Taylor too.

Joe got me a wine opener...

... and of course it took me a little while to get to the next gift, because Joe did his typical "gift in a gift" where he wraps up a gift in a box and wraps that up in another box, etc.

So box 1... 2... 3... 4...

...and finally got to my ring.  Joe had my original diamond from my wedding band put into a new setting (because my old one had been repaired too many times to fix any more).  It had been broken for almost a year.  I guess my knuckle decided to grow during that time so I will need to have it re-sized so I can get it on my ring finger.  I love it and very happy to have my wedding ring closer to being able to wear it again.  It gets old having all those guys hitting on me!  LOL!  Just kidding!!!

Joe didn't get much to unwrap because he got a new TV that was already set up in the basement (for now).  So Hope and I got him Hawkeye jello mold for the Rose Bowl.

One of Hope's favorite gifts was a karaoke machine.  She sang on it for hours over the long weekend.

We still have two more Christmas gatherings with my family and with Hope's birth mom.  So more to come.  So, since I have a LOT of Christmas cards I haven't shared you go!

Have a safe New Year!


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