Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Well, before summer is over, I thought I would try and catch up on what we have been up to the past few weeks...

We went to an Iowa Cubs game with our neighbors (and they won)!

We went out to dinner at Joe's Crab shack and Hope ordered a shark themed drink.  When it came, it had a shooter of grenadine she could add to it like it was a shot.  Good grief!

We have set up the lemonade stand several times.

Hope went grocery shopping with me one night and wanted "kid wine"...aka sparkling grape juice.  So when we get home I needed to take Taylor outside.  When I got back in THIS is what I saw.  Cracked me up!  Looks like she was just chillin' with a glass of wine.

We had a special sleep over with Hope's birth mom and Hope's biological brothers and sister.  

Hope loved having Hanna to hang out with and took very good care of her while all the kids were playing together.

We watched the movie "Home".

Lucas didn't really want to have his picture taken, but we managed to get him in there.  LOL!

Until next time...

And of course the neighborhood slip n slide party.  What a blast!

The kids ripped a hole in it on their first few times down, so Damon was under the plastic making a repair  (and Joe apparently was "helping" him).  LOL!

There were a LOT of fun times and happy faces coming down that slide all day long!

Even the grown up's got on the slide too!

And in case you are wondering about the mechanics of the slide, here is what the back of it looks like.  This has developed over the years to make sure we don't blow through the back when the adults start going down.  LOL!  He even has it set up with a sump pump to recycle the water back to the top.

 And we had a margarita contest.  I came in second with my mango jalapeno recipe.  I was a little short on tequila, so it wasn't as strong as it should have been.  Oh well.

And that pretty much brings us to this week!  More on that later, as Hope has had fun cramming in as much fun as she can before school starts on Monday.  We had meet the teacher night tonight.  She didn't want to introduce herself because she has a "boy" teacher.  I am sure before you know it, it will seem like no big deal to her.  I hope it doesn't take too long.

So in honor of all those teachers getting ready for their students to return to class...Thank you!

Until next time!


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