Saturday, August 29, 2015

The selfie stick

Whenever Joe and Hope go shopping together, it never fails she comes home with something.  A recent trip resulted in a selfie stick.

Suddenly our i-cloud photo stream is filled with HUNDREDS of selfies.  LOL!  They all crack me up.  Here are a few samples...

And I guess I will wrap up the rest of the summer, since we started back to school this week.

Hope went to Adventureland with a friend...they had a blast (and I had a blast staying home to scrapbook)!  Thanks Michelle!  :)

Hope is in the fourth card from the back with her arms in the air.  She was SO excited to tell me that she rode the entire roller coaster with her arms in the air like I usually do.  She was pretty proud of it!

She was FINALLY tall enough to ride the storm chaser.  Yeah!

She got to ride the log ride ONE more time.

And Joe and Hope spent the day at the Iowa State Fair. They had a lot of fun together.  I had to work, so I missed out of the fun, but I was actually ok with it.  That way I wouldn't cheat on my diet by eating a corn dog and mini donuts.

A selfie on the sky glider.

And the thing she was most excited about doing at the fair...Little Hands on the Farm.

And we went to the "Back to School Bash" for our church.  We have several different locations throughout the metro and this was the first time in 8 years all the sites worshiped together at the Waukee football stadium.  It was very cool!

Here is a picture of the stadium by a helicopter that flew over.

And then the helicopter landed so you could get in it to see it.

And a side note of how much Hope has grown lately, she couldn't find her shoes that morning, so she decided to wear MY shoes and they weren't even that big.  Good grief!  If she ever grows into her feet, she will be tall.  LOL!

I will save the back to school photos for next time...

So here are some cards to celebrate my neighbors.  One who became a mom to a baby boy and one who became an aunt to a baby girl (both for the first time)...

Until next time...have a great day!


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