Friday, April 3, 2015

Painting Masterpieces

Last weekend started the first of many busy weekends coming up this Spring, but I am looking forward to everything coming in the next few months.

So the ladies in my neighborhood like to go out and do fun stuff together, so we decided to try out Social Canvas, which is a place that walks you through how to make a painting (while drinking mimosas).  Of course, the mimosas was part of the fun!  LOL!

Ok, I am not sure why I didn't smile for my own picture, but maybe I had not had enough to drink yet?  Anyway, we did laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.

Here is all of our final masterpieces!  I think everyone did a GREAT job!

This week we had some wicked wind...this picture cracked me up with the wind blowing through Taylor's fur and blowing her ears straight out.

Well, keeping it short for tonight, but mostly because my computer is NOT cooperating tonight!  So I am going to call it quits.  

Since it is Easter are some Spring and Easter related layouts to share.

Until next time...


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