Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Fun!

Well our Easter weather was beautiful!  We got up and went to Easter service at our church and then headed to my sister's for our family dinner.  I hope you all had a great Easter too.  Here is the highlights...

The weekend before the twins came over and we colored eggs...

...and Hope dyed her hands too.  She looked like a moldy piece of cheese.  LOL!

You know those plastic wraps that come in the dye kit, well Hope wanted to put them on her eggs this year.  So we got the blowdryer out to shrink them on the eggs.  This cracked me up when she did this.  LOL!

Easter morning Hope got up REALLY early (see it is still VERY dark out) to find eggs.  Luckily, the bunny didn't fall asleep and forget to come (yep that was a real possibility).

Don't look at the scary reflection of me in the window.  YIKES!

And something new this year (probably since the weather was nice), the bunny actually hid eggs outside too.  She didn't discover these until we were getting ready to leave for church.

We finally got to hold this little guy, my newest great-nephew, Nolan.  Hope loved him.

We had an egg hunt for all the kids here too.

Kids is a loose term...for all the kids at heart too (AKA my sister Dee).

We took a picture of Nolan's older sister Kendal like this when she was a baby.  

And they topped they day off by taking the girls on a mule ride through the pasture.

The even got to see a baby calf that had been born about 20 minutes before they got there.

So much fun and great memories.

Today is my mom's birthday, so here is the card I gave her.  Love you mom!  Hope you had a great birthday!

So to continue the theme of MOM, here are some cards celebrating MOM's everywhere!

Well, I am off to movie night with the ladies from the neighborhood.  Wine and popcorn!  YUM!


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