Friday, April 24, 2015

Catching up!

Wow, we have had a busy April!

Hope's found a neighbor that was fostering a momma dog and her puppies and likes to stop by to visit when we have been going for walks.  She tried to talk Joe into adopting one, but he wasn't really into the idea.  LOL!

Grandma Deloris got Hope a kite for Easter, so Joe and Hope have gone out a few times to try and fly it, with some success.

Lately Hope has been obsessed with bouncing a basketball.  I am torn with this, because she actually does pretty good at dribbling, but her only chance at playing would be as a point guard.  We will see what comes of this.  :)

Joe was gone to Texas last week...

...visited the Alamo.

Joe and I went to the Hy-Vee Spring Celebration.  They kept the entertainment a surprise, which ended up being Jay Leno!  It was a pretty good show.

And they had a photo booth...

And today, my neighbors and myself and have been on baby watch...our neighbor Jill and her husband Nate had a baby this morning, but they didn't share what they had (boy/girl) until their three boys could come to the hospital this afternoon to visit and find out first.  So we FINALLY got confirmation they had a 4th BOY!  Congrats to Jill and Nate on becoming a family of 6!

So on that are some birthday cards to celebrate the new birth!

And to celebrate Jill on becoming a mother again!  Best wishes and praying for a quick recovery for you!

Well, I am anxiously waiting the arrival of my friend Kristi for a weekend of fun and catching up!  

Everyone have a great weekend!


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