Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Neighborhood Camping Adventure!!!

So my neighbor had this idea for all the kids to have an overnight camping sleepover in their back yard.  It sounded fun, so we quickly made some plan, which we were sure to emphasize it would be the men sleeping with the kids in the tent in the back yard.  LOL!

Well we set the date for Saturday night and watched the weather forecast all week.  It rained for several hours Saturday morning into the afternoon, so we decided to postpone until the ground wasn't so soggy.  BUT we did decide to go ahead and grill out together since we had all the food bought already.

Taylor tried to sneak a beef jerky snack for her own.  LOL!

Hope also made her snow cones for the kids and was selling her most recent rainbow band creations.

Well, as the afternoon went on we decided the upper level of the yard was dry enough to put the tent up, so the camp out was back on!!!!!

Just as the guys were finishing up, this dark cloud developed right over our neighborhood.  We stuck it out and it ended up just barely sprinkling.  Whew! Party on!

We did sparklers!

And of course, what camping adventure would be complete without almost EVERY kid (poor Hope didn't have one of her own) with an electronic device.  LOL!  They sure were roughing it!

Several left the tent early in the evening, but over half of them made it all night!  They asked this morning when the next one was going to be.  Maybe we will finish up summer with another campout.  

Since I last posted Hope also finished up third grade.  Here is the bus gang on the last day of school.

Hope and I also planted flowers out front and created our fairy garden.  I need to add some more ground cover so the dirt doesn't splatter all over when it rains.

I missed several other things along the way that I will try and come back and chronicle dance recital.  I was so tired from being a back stage mom that I think I wanted to black out the memory from my mind.  LOL!  Just kidding, it wasn't that bad, so I will share here next time (unless something really exciting happens between now and then).

Anyway, here are some fun graduation themed cards to share with you tonight!  Congrats to all the graduates!

Until next time...


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