Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Yep, I am just a bit behind on a LOT of things in life, but that is just how it goes sometimes.

Poor Joe didn't get much of a Father's Day this year.  I ended up being sick and slept all day long.  I didn't even feel good enough to go downstairs to get the card I made.  I guess he will have to see it on here and know while I slept I was thinking of him all day and what a great DAD he is to Hope.  :)

Earlier this year we ordered some fresh beef from a neighbor.  She always slices up one of the roasts and makes beef jerky.  So I had the idea to get Joe a food dehydrator so he could make his own jerky too.  Hope is excited about making her own fruit snacks too.

I have been so busy I never did share photos from dance recital, which was almost a month ago.  LOL!  Long story short...I survived being a back stage mom and got some fun pictures I likely wouldn't have gotten had Hope not volunteered me to help.  :)

That doesn't mean I will willingly do it again next year.

Hip Hop class and their teacher.

There was a tv set up in the back stage basement area so the kids could watch the rest of the show.

This was the student helper in Hope's combo (ballet/tap) class.

I will have to admit I wasn't sure I would like watching the dance from the side stage, but it was kind of fun being with them just before they went on stage.  I wonder what was going through her head, was she nervous????  I know I was.  LOL!

Here is Hope and her combo class with their teacher.  

Here she is about to go on for her last dance.

And when we got home...she crashed!  So we just laid her flowers down on the floor with her.  LOL!

Since I started out on a Father's Day theme, I will share some of the cards I made celebrating DADS!

Hopefully this weekend I will snap a few photos of my updated scrapbook room.  It is still a work in progress with several other projects I have in mind, but those are just "extras" when I get to them now.

Until next time...


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