Tuesday, October 8, 2013

She said YES!

Oh this isn't the lyrics from a country song...my niece Abbey Kent got engaged last weekend!  Yeehaw!  I am so happy for her and Randy and now the wedding plans are in full force.

Are they not the cutest HAPPY couple!  Congrats you two!

AND...now for other updates.  We finally got my pictures onto the computer for several events, so this is a picture heavy post.  

Here are a few from Hope's class field trip.  She is in the shiny sequin hat in the front.  When we went to the mansion, the lady required the girls to enter first and then explained it was also polite for the boys to take off their hats; however the ladies never removed their hats when they entered a home or building.  It was considered a part of their ensemble.  Of course since Hope had a hat on, the lady was so happy to see one young lady (Hope) wearing a hat to complete her ensemble for the day.  I thought Hope was going to melt into the floor, she was so embarrassed.  :)

Below they are learning about making brooms at the broom factory.

Below  Hope is looking into a home from the 1700's camp.

Here we are on the main street at the end of the day.  :)  I was pretty tired, so after I got all the kids back on the bus to go back to school I had just enough time to go get a pedicure and have my feet rubbed.  Oh yeah!  Perfect way to end a field trip!  LOL!

Last weekend Dawn and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch.  Dawn had a blast (she despises they activities).  Good thing I always drag her along.  LOL!  Oh course, she bailed on us during the corn maze.  We couldn't find the last two items, but we persevered and found them, although I did try and bribe them with donuts to just give up.  Hope was relentless and was determined to find them ALL!  Darn you cow and horse!

New to us this year, we actually picked apples off the trees instead of just buying them in the store.

The kids had fun!

They improved the big slide this year.

And we bought a large bucket of yucky apples for the slingshot.  They even let Dawn and I try a few too.  Hope was VERY insistent that one of her apples went through a hoop out in the field.  We did actually hit a few of the targets out there, but I am pretty sure Hope didn't get an apple through the hoop.  LOL!

Joe took Hope to get pumpkins at the store last night (I know, we went to a pumpkin patch and didn't get a pumpkin).  What a cute sassy little kid!  Love her!

So in between all of those activities, I had some creative time in there too.  As you can see, I have been putting my craft room to good use.  I did finally get it all cleaned up, but not until I had completed over 50 Christmas cards.  So if you need any special holiday cards, please let me know.  I will make you a good deal.  :)

Well, since it is finally October I have a few Halloween layouts to share...

Last year at work, me and some friends won the costume contest by dressing up as the band KISS!  We had a blast and we even went to the grocery store at lunch in full make-up.  We got a few laughs, stares and even some thumbs up!  So I had to create a layout about it!

These are actually Halloween layouts from a few years.  I was really behind.  LOL!  This next layout was from last year, a basic overview of actives.

This layout was from 2011 pumpkin carving!

The zoo layout was from 2011 too, since we didn't make it last year.

Hope has her costume all picked out and ready to go.  She is going to be Strawberry Shortcake.  Cracks me up, because I am pretty sure I was also Strawberry Shortcake about the same age.  I will have to find pictures and share soon.

I also have several great ideas for this year's work costume contest.  Oh the fun!

Well, hopefully I will get back to posting more often.  Have a good one!


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