Monday, October 14, 2013

What the PUCK!

LOL!  We went to a hockey game this weekend and at one point Dawn says..."I can't find the puck!"  so I responded with "WTP" and she was like What?  You know...What the puck!  LOL!!!!!

Anyway, the twins sang with their school chorus for the National Anthem.  They did a great job!  Then we all got to enjoy the game.  As you can tell, they were handing out free hats and spirit sticks for the game.  I am pretty sure I was whacked on the head a few too many times during the game.  :)  I bet you can't guess who that was from.  LOL!  We were pretty happy that by the end of the game both of Hope's sticks had popped!

We will have to try another game!  It was fun, but hopefully next time they will win.

Well, not much else going on, so will just share some creative stuff...

This is a special card a created last fall...I kept it simple to focus on breast cancer awareness.  So just my personal note to all of you reading...if you haven't had your mammogram in the past 12 months, please call and get your appointment NOW!  :)  And do your monthly exams too.  PLEASE!  I love you all too much.

The background in this card was some packaging, but the adhesive had left spots where I took off the Prima flowers, so I decided to cover each of the torn areas with punched circles.  Reuse and recycle, especially if there is great color and pattern on it.

I think this is my very favorite card I have created lately.  I just bought the envelope maker and this is actually the smallest one it gives dimensions for.  I had to cut down the top flap to fit on the card front and I cut a partial insert from glitter paper.  This card could be used for so many different things.  I will probably have to make a lot more versions of this card.

Ok, that wraps things up for tonight!  Of to finish the voice.  This is the first season I have ever watched, but I am enjoying it a lot.  Still trying to figure how it all works at this point.


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