Thursday, May 2, 2013


Mother Nature!  You need to get UP NOW!  It is May 2nd and it is snowing out.  It has been snowing here since 5:15 am, this morning when I arrived at the Y.  Good Grief!

Poor fairies...they are buried under there.

And I am sure this robin thinking...WTH!  I know I am!!!!!

Poor tulips.  I wonder how they will survive down in Pella????

I didn't get around to posting yesterday about May Day, but Hope did receive a few baskets.  Believe it or not, I did think of May Day a few days ago, but didn't really think to buy some goodies to put in the baskets.  Oh well!  We improvised when we got home with some clear solo cups, pipe cleaner handles and some snacks from the closet.  :)

This was definitely the coldest May Day basket delivery EVER!!!

At work we celebrated an early Cinco de Mayo...

My department was in charge of the drinks, so we thought it would be fun to blend up virgin margaritas, daquaris and pina coladas.  They were a big hit!

Well, believe it or not, Hope is bugging me to go up and clean her toy room.  Wow!  Must be because she is not allowed to watch tv or play games tonight.

Here are some cards to brighten this wintery/spring day.

Have a warm and cozy night!


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